Coming Events

Town Hall Energy Meeting - June 5

 In April, the town had a professional auditor assess the ways we could save money while heating and lighting our town hall.  The auditor made a number of recommendations for saving energy and money and reducing our carbon footprint.

We’d like to hear your suggestions for first steps we as a town should take.  Come to a meeting in the town hall on Friday, June 5 to discuss the auditor’s recommendations. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. with cookies and lemonade.

Sullivan Sew and Sews Begin - Sept. 29

The Sullivan Sew and Sews will resume their weekly get-togethers on Monday, Sept. 29th from 6:30 pm to 8 pm in the basement of the Sullivan Congregational Church.  Entrance is at ground level at the rear of the building.  It’s a great chance to learn to quilt, work on whatever project you may have (knitting, crocheting, clothing repair, etc.) and meet new people.  There are always extra sewing machines and people there who can help, if need be.  Questions?  Speak to Mary Hull at the town hall or call her at home at 847-9718.

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