Sullivan Stories

The Bolster Pond Tragedy, 1912

 The Fifield Family
The Fifield family portrait taken by an unknown photographer, probably before Frank’s marriage to Charlotte Wallace.

Lucinda Rugg and the American Civil War

The house where the Ruggs lived from 1825 to 1872. Andrew Jackson Rugg was born here on 21 September 1841. The photo was taken by Carleton Nims circa 1925.

As archival collections go, the papers of Lucinda (Beverstock) Rugg is small—consisting of six folders.

School House #5

Sullivan School # 5
This is the only known photograph of School House #5 probably taken by Carleton Nims shortly before the building was removed in the mid-1920s.

School House #4

Sullivan School # 4
A photograph of School House #4 probably taken by Carleton Nims in the 1920s. It looks much the same today except that the field is now forested.

Geographically District #4 was the south end of Sullivan.

School House #3

The motto for School #3 written by David Seward still hangs over the entrance to the school room.

Geographically District #3 was the northeast corner of Sullivan. The border to the west was the Masonian Patent Line.

The Backwards Bridge

backwards bridgebackwards bridge

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