April 1, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Attendance: ZBA members: Steve Hamilton, Laura Lewandowski, Roger Sweet

Absent members: Rick Hotchkiss and Ron Hull

Also present were William Paju, Marlo Paju and Ann Sweet.

First order of business was to elect a chairperson due to the absence of
Rick Hotchkiss.

Steve Hamilton was elected unanimously.

Chair recognizes Marlo&William Paju for their special exception concerning
the property on 108 Centre Street in Sullivan, NH.

Marlo Paju speaks of their wishes to open a small country giftshop in the
downstairs of their home. They plan on selling such items as antiques, yarns,,
roving and hand made items. They want to include seasonal items such as Christmas
trees, locally grown, wreaths and garlands and in such seasons maple syrup,
honey, garden vegetables and perennials. Consignments are being considered
for sale also.

She stated that the door into the giftshop faces the drive into the parking
area. There will be enough parking for six vehicles.

Roger Sweet asked the approximate size of the shop and she estimated there
to be two rooms at 16’x16’ plus a hallway.

Roger also the stated the concern on the danger to the entrance of the driveway
which is on a corner of Centre Street. Steve Hamilton presented a letter from
the State DOT

And the site review which showed they met the 400’ sight frontage. Presently,
there is a school bus sign on Centre St. and the state would put up a warning
sign if wanted. The letter did recommend that the owners review the foliage
in the spring when the leaves are on the trees and cut all foliage to the south
of the existing drive to obtain maximum sight distance.

It was brought up that a mirror across the road would be helpful and that
the State had already cleared some of the trees on Centre Street that opened
up the site to the driveway.

Marlo stated that the parking lot was large enough so any cars leaving the
property would be able to drive out, not back out, onto Centre Street. They
also realize the potential danger of their driveway and will do whatever they
can to keep it safe. They will be putting up a flagpole and flag and will have
season parking lights in the yard, when needed. No neon lights or large lights
on the building that might take away from the quaintness of the shop will be

Chairperson Steve Hamilton then read the list of concerns from the application
and asked if the board felt they had been discussed or met.

He then asked if there were any other concerns or questions.

Ann Sweet spoke and suggested a sign from the State be considered, a mirror
across the street be placed and was concerned about the outside lighting not
to be excessive and to be aimed appropriately.

Steve Hamilton was concerned about health and safety of the public and the
of the land owners in which they should carry commercial liability insurance
on the property. This would cover the public as well as the owners.

The meeting was temporarily adjourned at 7:31 and the board retired to the
Town Clerk’s for discussion and vote.

At 7:34 the meeting was called back to order and Chairperson Steve Hamilton
read the results.

The Zoning Board approved the Special Exception for the Paju business of
a small giftshop on the property at 108 Centre Street in Sullivan with the
following conditions:

A convex mirror will be installed across the road (Centre St.) from your
driveway so that exiting traffic can see oncoming traffic.

A sign will be placed on Centre St. warning traffic of the driveway entrance.

You will provide the Town of Sullivan with proof of General Liability Insurance
regarding the operation of the Gift Shop.

Chairperson Steve Hamilton then said that an approval letter from the Zoning
Board of Adjustment would be sent to them and that their next step was to go
to the Sullivan Planning Board to see if they are acting within the Town Ordinances.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Mary Hull
Sullivan Zoning Board of Adjustment Clerk