Sullivan Fire and Rescue

Chief – Al Henry
Deputy Chief – Scott Lake
Captain – Mike Blanchard
Lieutenant – Bob Guyette
Lieutenant - Rick Plankey

To Report a Fire: 911 or 352-1100
Office Phone: 847-9020
Fax: 847-9020

For emergencies call 911.

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Campfire Permits
State rules require Fire Permits for ALL outside burning even when raining. This includes campfires and fires in portable steel fireplaces and Chimeras. We do issue seasonal permits for campfires and portable fireplaces and are happy to offer advice if you wish to build a permanent fireplace. Charcoal fires do not require a permit as long as the charcoal is placed in a container that is up and off the ground. If you have any questions, please call the Warden or a Deputy Warden. A copy of the permit rules is available from any Warden or at the Fire Station. We are at the station every Wednesday night at 7PM. DO NOT LEAVE ANY FIRE UNATTENDED!

To obtain a burn permit please contact one of
the Forest Fire Wardens.
Al Henry – Warden 847-9598
Mike Blanchard – Deputy Warden 847-9680

Because the wardens all work out of town, permits are issued as personal work schedules allow.