Health Officer

Sullivan, NH has a volunteer public health officer appointed by the selectmen to enforce the New Hampshire Statutes, i.e. RSA's. Generally, the enforcement areas for the health officer are found under Title X, Public Health, of the Revised Statutes. Public Health RSA's can be found at :

The role of the Health Officer is to ensure that the state RSA's are enforced through inspection and investigation and to disseminate public information as it applies to the general public health. The Health Officer is not a medical department where treatment or emergency services are provided. Any medical or other emergencies should always be called in to the 911 number.

Some instances where you may need to call on the local health department would be: Dog bites, foster home applications, and health nuisance violations.

The Town of Sullivan appoints this position on a volunteer basis and there is no budget associated with this role. The state and other public health institutions and training facilities offer many free courses and opportunities to train and learn in the area of public health. In addition, each local health officer has a state health officer liaison to call upon when needed.

I hope this site will provide some helpful links as well as a place to read and learn about some of the public health issues that arise in our area, our Nation and our world.

If you ever have a public health issue that you need addressed, please feel free to stop by or call the town hall at 603-847-3316 and someone there will get in touch with the health officer.