Looking Ahead to Town Elections and Meeting 2019

Now that a page has been turned on the calendar, and it is 2019, it’s time to start thinking about Town&School Elections on March 12, 2019. The Town&School Meetings will follow on March 13.

Each year several town offices come up for election. Won’t you consider running for office? It’s is a great way to learn more about your community and meet other folks in town.

Town positions open this year are: Selectman (3 years), Treasurer (3 years), Trustee of Trust Funds (3 years – 2 positions), Cemetery Trustee (3 years), Library Trustee (3 years), Zoning Board of Adjustment (3 years - 2 positions) and Budget Committee (1 year – 2 positions; 3 years – 3 positions).

The Sullivan School District has 3 positions open for School Board Members (1 for 1 year and 2 for 2 years), the position of School District Clerk (3 years) and School District Moderator (3 years).

The procedure to run for office is to go to the Town Clerk's Office and file a declaration of candidacy. Time line to file is from January 23rd 2019 to February 1st, 2019. The cost is $1.00 per office. This will put your name on the ballot.