Sullivan School District News

The Sullivan School Board continues to meet once per month (typically the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30). We meet in the lower town hall. Families and residents are invited to attend any of our meetings to discuss any school district related matters.
    Students are back to school for another school year, and the Sullivan School Board wishes all students a great year.

Nelson Elementary School serving grades K-5 has begun work on the new addition which should be completed sometime this school year. They have also gotten new playground equipment for the new school year. The addition should allow for the continued growth at Nelson. It should also allow for a larger multipurpose room and a specials room away from the office and most classrooms with less disruption to classes with the noisier specials such as music. It also provides for a larger Kindergarten classroom to meet current standards.
    Grades 6-8 will be at Keene Middle school and grades 9-12 at Keene High School.
    New to town? For enrollment information please go to the Sullivan town website ( and look for the link to enrollments under School Board on the left-hand side of the page.

Greetings from Nelson School
    While the construction on our new addition was slow in starting, the past few weeks have seen many contractors in our school and progress is being made.  The playground has been moved, the drainage beside the soccer field has been improved after grading the area and the structure purchased by our PTO has arrived and is being assembled.  The construction crews are working to get the playground ready for the children to arrive.  The entire construction zone will be fenced off with a 6’ high chain length fence to ensure the safety of the students until the project is completed.  Our parking lot has been changed as well.  The middle entrance has been removed so the main entrance (especially during pickup and drop off times) will be the one closest to Granite Lake.  It will take some getting used to but staff will be visible to help as we begin the school year. Overall, the construction managers are hopeful that the project will be concluded as planned, over the holiday break.  A few minor things will be completed in the spring once the weather becomes warmer.
    The staff at Nelson has not changed much at all over the summer.  We will be welcoming one additional tutor that will be needed, and that person will be announced once the hiring process is completed.  All other staff will be returning.  The teachers have logged many hours during the summer attending workshops and conferences in an effort to better their skills.  Additionally, many SAU committees met to look at such things as Standards Based report cards (common across the SAU), subject level curriculum meetings and start times for all SAU schools.  I thank them all for their dedication to the school and students.
We have many events coming up the first few months of school that I would like you to be aware of:

9/9    Nelson Farmer’s Market  & Our PTO BBQ
9/13    Open House (6-7:30)
9/20    Picture Day
9/21     PTO Meeting (4:30 - 5:30)
10/6      Early Release Day
10/19    PTO Meeting (4:30 - 5:30)
10/20    Progress Reports Sent Home
10/23    Community Week
10/23    Pumpkin Carvings during Art
10/30    Picture Retake Day
10/31    Halloween Stations

    I would like to thank the families and community for the wonderful support of the Nelson Elementary School.  It is an honor to be part of such an amazing school.  As we grow and look toward the future, our goal is to continue to provide a school that is compassionate and caring.  The mission of the school is to instill strength of spirit and ignite a love of learning.
Ron Upton - Principal.

Nelson School PTO News
    Welcome to the new school year! Believe it or not the PTO has already had their first meeting even before school started.
    The site is ready to install the new playground structure the PTO purchased over the summer. I want to thank everyone who helped install the new playground structure at the school. The children will enjoy the new structure for years to come.

    Sept 9th there will be a Harvest Market at the Nelson School. The Harvest Market is put on by Agricultural Commission, only 1 Farmers Market is being held this fall and they asked to have it at our school.
A variety of vendors are wanted!
Interested in being a vendor at the Harvest Market? Contact Valerie Van Meier

    The PTO has agreed to co-sponsor this event with a barbeque during the event.  The BBQ will be from 11-1 and burgers, hot dogs and drinks will be served.  More BBQ details will be announced in a flyer at school, keep your eyes open.